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On the one hand is one of dozens websites where one can find a girlfriend, flirt with nice women etc. On the other hand this one is special - at least for me, since it is the place where I have met Irina and now we have really ambitious plans. She is going to move into my place quite soon and more than that I think I gonna propose her in a couple of months so that not to postpone obvious things too much. I think that they guys have really nice website - I haven’t crossed over any scam here so I have nothing to complain about. Nice deisgn, smooth system and hundreds of attractive single REAL women - that’s what a man needs.

Jason, 34 years old

I’m not that kind of a person who has a fancy in all this online dating stuff and I actually used to think that it is not that cool - to spend much time on chatting with people who are on the other side of the planet. However, it appeared to be completely different in the reality.Once I just decided to try this thing and see if it’s worth something and the same evening I happened to socialize with a nice girl from Vologda. Now I’m invited to her place and we’re meeting soon… So, guys, wish me good luck - I will definitely need it.

Pete, 27 years old

Love is a thing that no one can predict. A friend of mine told he was using - he found a couple of hot girls there but never went beyond simple mutual interest. I was just curious and even a little bit sceptic about all this idea but after chatting to women for two weeks I realized that it can be efficient. At least I am not bored at nights anymore - sometimes when you come home after work there is just no energy for anything else but sitting in a chair with a laptop. Who knows? Maybe I’ll find a good woman here once.

Joshua, 31 years old

It was a funny thing for me - I’ve never had any troubles with picking up hot chicks at parties and in the clubs but I happened to meet my wife here, on She was one of the girls my best friend was chatting with. Once I saw her I really felt something absolutely new inside of me and decided to make an account here and to add her. A month ago we got married and it seems to go absolutely right. So, guys, to put it in a nutshell - don’t even hesitate whether it is worth trying online dating or not. Finally, it is not that costly and you can get your money back withit first couple of weeks. I’ve never expected to meet my wife this way but… It just hapened.

Charlie, 26 years old

Online dating has been always regarded as something not that attractive and even scammish and may be it used to be like that. I’ve personally heard some stuff like that, but by some reason it has never stopped me. As far as I’ve understood here is a trustworthy service and my experience proves it. Well, they ask money to pay but I look at it as at the guarantee that it motivates them to protect users from scam and fraud. I’m not gonna boast that I’ve found a dozen of hot girls here although I actually did - at least one. I am on the right way and we are going to finally meet in a two months in Europe, so I will personally know what online dating is like when it comes to real meeting people.

Donnie, 34 years old

My example of online dating can be kind of happy exception, but I don’t really care. I met Marina on the third day in and now we are together in my place. I’ve always been an optimistic person and maybe it’s how the world rewarded me. I really recommend you all this website guys, it is a good chance to change your life for better. Best regards!

Nigel, 41 years old

I had a really painful divorce two years ago and has become the first place where I started to talk to women again. I don’t know yet what is going to happen next and whether I change my mind about the relationships between men and women, but now I already have at least some nice girls to talk to. I hope it will turn into something bigger later.

Damian, 29 years old

Awesome website with awesome girls! Thank you guys for many nice hours that I spent here chatting with the hottest Russian girls! I haven’t met any yet but in summer I am going to visit Moscow – so I at least have some contacts now and I’ve got no doubts this trip is gonna be cool.

Tony, 25 years old

Traditional family has always been my priority. I had tried to have it three times and failed, but when I met Lyudmila I got one more chance to make my dream come true. You know, guys, sometimes in your late 40-s the life just begins!

Steve, 47 years old

It’s a funny thing. I met my first girlfriend online as well and we had great time together. I really was sure that never again I come to any dating websites. Yep, as you may guess I broke my promise once when I had completely nothing to do at Saturday night. This website really helped me out. More than that I’m going to be a father soon – thank you, guys, for such a great “dating agency”, you changed my life!

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