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10 Dating tips: How to date women from russia

What do Russian princesses like

Russia is a country where authority and power have always been the most respected and appreciated. That is why Russians find the Western principles too soft and even weird. So it is not a big deal to guess that Russian women also like having a strong and confident man near them. But at the same time they often complain on Russian men being too rude and on home violence which is still a typical phenomenon in Russia. So what an ideal man is like

The best beauty in the world

We have all heard about incredibly beautiful Russian ladies and one could wonder – why there are so many really attractive girls in that remote Northern countries? It is very difficult and maybe even impossible to answer this question but we suppose that such impressive genetic results were achieved due to such a big number of different nationalities and ethnic group in Russia who have been mixing during centuries.

Virtual reality is more real

We all use the Internet a lot and probably none of us can exist completely without virtual reality – money transactions, auctions, communication and many other things that used to be done in a different way are now done via the Internet. Just remember what was your attitude to online dating fifteen years ago? You used to think that it is nonsense and that people who try to find their significant other on the Internet are kind of mentally challenged

Expectations of Russian women

Foreigners often think that Russian dating is something easy for them because Russian women would agree on absolutely anything – they say that Russian men abuse them, beat and disrespect and poor girls are waiting for a prince from amazing West to take them away…

Only Child Syndromen

Demographic situation in Russia is one of the biggest problems that Russian government should solve in the nearest future. Otherwise the future of the nation is put under a big question. However, there is nothing to worry about for the foreigners who consider Russian women as the best significant others in the world. Russians like talking about Western women as about bad mothers – how can they hire babysitters for little babies

Learn more about Russian family

Why do men come to online dating services like ours? They usually have the same problem - lack of communication with women. The majority of our users are in search of a nice girl who could become a good wife and mother. Without a doubt Russian women are beautiful and they are incredibly popular among men from different countries. Russian charm is something absolutely unique and fathomless.

What can make a Russian woman leave you

As we have already mentioned in the article devoted to expectations of Russian women it is very easy to lose her trust. The main mistake made by the Western men is treating Slavic women as though they should be grateful to the princes from developed countries for taking them away to better world. And once again we repeat for everyone – never take Russian girls for granted! They will forgive it. It may seem weird for a Western man but educated and smart women from Russia would prefer to have a man who is smarter than they are

Distance relationships – to be or not to be?

Distance is known as the main obstacles for the relationships. However, if we look at the European cultural legacy, we will see that a lot of stories are based on long parting between a man and a woman. If you do not trust all this ancient rubies – just remember about some more recent examples. Your grandmother probably waited for your grandfather for a couple of years while he was in the army. Today the life is different, nobody argues with that – everything is fast, we have really no time on anything, and one could think that long distance relationships cannot exist in such conditions.

From email to marriage

You still think that online dating is something that can be done for fun only? Oh, no, my dear friend, such type of dating can appear to be very promising nowadays. Yes, you are right, it used to be unpredictable and too anonymous ten or more years ago and people who took part in it almost never met because the risk to get disappointed was too high. Those who found enough courage to bring online romance into reality sometimes turned into happy couples who are still together

Find out about marriage proposals to Russian women

Proposing marriage is a tradition that is definitely seen differently in Russia. Of course it has been affected by the Western culture as everything else. But since it might be one of the most important moments in your life and the life of your Russian bride, that it is definitely good to be prepared.


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