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Young Russian girls – a new phenomenon

sexybriWe have already told you something about Russian women in the age of 20-40 and ere we are going to be more specific and concentrate on the girls in their early 20-s. You will soon understand why we put them into a separate category and the information you can get from this article can really help you once. Women in their 40-s and older were raised in brutal communistic times. People in the West usually imagine such a grey and dull reality of a communistic country and frankly speaking they are quite closed to the truth. However, Soviet people had one big advantage – they possessed unique mentality. They believed in something and trusted their rulers who finally let them down. But these people had real spirit. The generation of the nineties (Russian girls who are 30-35 years old) are probably the most unlucky ones. They witnesses that horrible fall of their motherland which was under attack of corruption, financial and social problems. These girls often left Russia and married foreigners only for money and citizenship. It was some kind of the mother’s instinct – to provide their future kids with safe and pleasant environment. Russia of those times certainly did not suit this purpose.


The age of stability

Russia is currently suffering from an economic crisis but it cannot be compared to that disaster it had to get through in the 1990-s. Girls who were born in 1990-1995 had much happier childhood than the previous generation.

These Russians saw how their country starts recovering. They had enough good moments to be proud of their motherland and love it. Finally they grew in the conditions of more or less stable and steady economic growth and wealth. There was no such stunning poverty like in 90-s.

If you are interested in Russian dating with young girls you should take all these things into consideration. We are trying to say that Russian ladies of this type will not be surprised with your money and career success. Well, such things are always important but in this particular case they do not mean too much.

The only thing the young Russian girls need is proper attitude. Be respectful, be passionate and be sincere. Yes, these recommendations seem to be versatile and thus banal, however everything of genius is simple.

The biggest mistake you can commit when communicating with young Russian brides is trying to laugh at their country, to criticize or humiliate it. Remember, these girls are perfectly aware about their charm. And if a man (even from the West) does not respect their country, culture and background there are enough other guys who will certainly show the proper respect.

But there is also the good thing – such Russian women have more Western-like mentality and there will be big social and cultural gap between you and your new significant other.


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