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Why do Russian girls want to leave Russia?

Many Russian women want to leave Russia – that’s old news. But do you know why Russian beauties want to leave Russia?


Decriminalisation of domestic violence in Russia forces many Russian ladies to leave Russia. At the beginning of 2017, the Russian government decriminalised first-time domestic violence. This new law applies to first offences that don’t cause serious injuries, decreasing from a maximum penalty of 2 years’ imprisonment to a maximum of 15 days in detention. This change was considered a part of a state-sponsored turn to traditional values under President Putin and shift away from liberal notions of human rights. According to the mainstream media in western countries, one Russian woman dies every forty minutes from domestic violence in Russia. So, of course, any sensible woman in Russia wants to leave Russia.

russian chick


Human trafficking and sex trafficking are more common in Russia. After the collapse of the USSR, the failure of the state-planned economy has resulted in many more socioeconomic issues, e.g. crime, insecurity and unemployment. Consequently, the Russia society is a fertile ground for sex trafficking and human trafficking. Russian girls in poor families are more likely to become trafficking victims. For instance, many Russian beauties from small villages have been sent to St. Petersburg and Moscow to become prostitutes. Some other ladies from Russia were sent overseas to become prostitutes, although they were told that they would become models, dancers and waitresses. Although the Russian government has introduced new regulations to deal with these problems, a lot of beauties in Russia want to leave Russia before they become victims.

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It is harder for women to find good jobs in Russia. Russian ladies who have children are less likely to find proper jobs or be promoted at work. As a consequence, many women in Russia choose not to have children so that they can find good jobs and become successful. Because men and women aren’t treated equally in the Russian workplace, a large number of Russian girls are looking for opportunities to go overseas, so many of them end up becoming victims of human trafficking and sex trafficking because they are conned. Without a proper job, a Russian woman has to marry a man who can provide financial resources for her. However, being married to a Russian man can be a difficult situation for the Russian bride because again, domestic violence is not even a crime in many cases in Russia. As a result, beauties in Russia can’t find success at work and nor can they find happiness in marriages. No wonder they want to leave Russia.

russian winter bride


Many Russian women have realised that western men and Russian men are different. Unlike many Russian men who might abuse their wives, western men are oftentimes more respectful and caring. Domestic violence is a crime in almost every western country, so Russian girls feel safer and protected if they are married to western men and live in a western country.


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