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Why conditional love is good in a relationship with a Russian woman

This article will talk about conditional love which is not the prettiest topic in the world. We all want to believe in unconditional love. But the truth is: Even some parents’ love for children is conditional – when children don’t go to the direction in life that parents want, their relationships suffer. Now we would like to let you know that conditional love isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s solid and a very healthy place to be.


• Conditional love shows an individual’s standards. When a person loves someone no matter what, that indicates lack of standards. That’s why the guy/girl that they are pursuing doesn’t respect them. In other words, unconditional love is not cherished by anyone, so it’s worthless in dating and relationships. When you date a Russian woman, you must show your standards that she has to meet, e.g. she needs to respect you; she has to be clean and tidy; she must speak English well. If the woman from Russia doesn’t meet your standards, she is not the right woman for you. You should keep looking for other Russian girls until you find the one.

relationship with a Russian woman


• Conditional love makes your relationship better and stronger. Please have a look at the relationships among family members in your life – perhaps you have a good relationship with your cousin Phil who shares the same hobby with you; maybe you and your uncle Sam are close because he is also into dating Russian beauties. There is nothing wrong with that. Actually, relationships in a family are also built on certain logical reasons rather than “we are family”. You probably have noticed that your relationship with certain family members are much better simply because you share the same interests, and you are less likely to be close to some family members who have nothing in common with you, right? That tells you conditional love makes the relationship grow stronger. Similarly, there is nothing wrong with conditional love in your marriage. These conditions should only make your love better and more enjoyable.

russian women wait you


• What if these conditions are gone in a marriage with a Russian wife? Yes, some conditions can be gone forever and you’ll lose your Russian lady. For instance, maybe you love her just because of her physical beauty and one day she becomes old, so you want to date a younger Russian stunner. Another example is your Russian finance wants you simply because of your money, and one day when you lose all your money for some reason, she wants to leave you. This kind of things are happening every day to many people only because these conditions can be removed. However, if the conditions that you choose to focus on are intelligence, values and personality, you can maintain your conditions forever. Therefore, your marriage can last for a lifetime.

sex russian wife online


• How to tell if a beauty from Russia doesn’t date you only for your money: Now you are probably a bit worried – what if she chooses you for your big bank account? As a matter of fact, you can test this very early on in the relationship. If you don’t want to attract a gold-digger, do not reveal your real net worth early. Telling her how much money you really have will make her want you for your money. Telling her who you know will make her want to use you for your powerful connections. As a result, you should be low-profile and look at who she really is at the beginning of a relationship. You can let her know your true wealth after she has already become your wife.


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