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Why bad boys turn Russian women on

We have received many questions regarding why dangerous men turn Russian girls on. Therefore, we have decided to clarify this today.


If you are a nice guy, you need to ask yourself, “Why am I so nice?” There is a difference between “kind” and “nice”. We always respect kind people because kindness is a great virtue. However, “nice” isn’t always something good because a nice person tends to be nice due to selfish reasons. To be more specific, a nice guy is nice only because that’s his coping strategy – he uses nice behavior in order to not look offensive in front of women and that’s the best he can do – he believes that’s his only way to get women to like him. Here is an analogy: You go to university and a professor always gives everyone A+. Now you’ve also got your A+ - Are you going to feel particularly proud of yourself? Probably no, because you know that everybody else has got A+ as well! So, the A+ given by this professor doesn’t have much value. By contrast, if a professor usually gives students low grades, but this professor gives you A+. Then chances are you will feel very good and remember this for the rest of your life, because now this A+ is valuable! Similarly, if you are a nice guy in every way every day, you aren’t valued by Russian women. Nevertheless, if a guy who isn’t very nice (he has the potential to be an asshole) yet he chooses to be nice at times, then Russian ladies will appreciate that!



Don’t get me wrong; women from Russia don’t want to date men who go to prison. Although I’ve explained why dangerous men turn girls from Russia on, I also have to point out that Russian beauties don’t want to date criminals! What I am saying is ladies from Russia prefer men who have standards and boundaries, not someone who uses being nice as his coping strategy. A Russian stunner always wants a guy who has backbone, who can fight for what’s right and who can protect her. And you should become that guy if you would like to marry a Russian bride.



Typical “bad boys” who get hot women:Some examples are tough guys who ride motorbikes without helmets and confident men who aren’t needy – these men usually date the hottest women from Russia. Again, I’m not saying you should ride a motorbike without wearing a helmet. What I’m trying to explain is when a lady from Russia notices that a guy doesn’t wear a helmet and he is still alive, in her subconscious mind, she says to herself, “This is a very tough and strong guy because his survival value must be very high” – don’t forget that while men look for women’s reproduction value, women look for men’s survival value. From an evolutionary perspective, women always want to marry men who can protect and provide/who can look after her children so that they can survive.


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