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What you should tell a woman if you live on a tight budget

Whether your dating partner has shown it out or not, she is definitely curious about how you are doing money wise. When the relationship takes a serious turn, all kinds of complicated talks become relevant. If you are not delighted with your money situation, it makes you appear unconfident in the eyes of the Russian lady. You have to learn how to overcome it.


Be honest

It is always hard to decide when to talk about the money issues. But it is a necessary thing to do. Especially because there are two types of Russian women on the online dating websites. The ones who are looking for a soulmate, because they did not find one among their compatriots, and the ones who are looking for a rich boy from abroad. Being honest about your financial situation will help you to determine which type of the girls is your potential Russian bride. If you are not okay with the fact that a girl is dating you only to get a visa and a little bit fancier life, then you should not spend type with the second type of the women anyway.

Maybe it is not that bad at all

Some guys are ashamed of being on a budget, because they think that it show the woman that they don’t know how to earn money. There are a couple of reasons why your budget might not be a big problem in case with a Russian lady. Firstly, the standard of living in Russia is much lower than in the West. The average salary is 2-4 times lower. It means that the majority of Russian girls have grown up in families where money was tight. You would be surprised, but the lady might find that you are actually doing quite well. Secondly, being on a budget is not a bad thing. It means that you know where your money goes and you plan your expenses ahead. A Russian woman will definitely appreciate it, because the people in her home country are not that good with money management.


Create right expectations

She will be as happy or unhappy with your financial situation as she will be prepared. Do not tell her that you are the prince of Lichtenstein. Avoid over-exaggerating when it comes to your income. If she will expect you to be a wealthy man and live in a manor and then, upon arrival, she will understand that you are an average middle-class representative, she will be disappointed, even if you have quite a decent life. Moreover, she might be disappointed in you for attempting to hide the actual situation. What you should do, is try to be open about how you are doing money wise. It does not mean that you should tell your Russian bride about the exact numbers that you make. But you should describe your lifestyle in a way that will give her an adequate picture of how you live and what she can expect. Russian girls like men who are straight forward. After all, you probably want to have a woman beside you, who accepts you as you are and wants to accompany you on a journey to success.

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