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What you must know before marrying a Russian woman

russianwifefreeDating a Russian woman seems to be tempting for many foreign men. They often think that Russian girls are unique and that no one can have the same charm and be so attractive. However, we should never overestimate other people no matter how perfect they seem to be. And finally sometimes there are the things which do not depend from a woman but which are connected to her. We have heard a lot of stories about Western men and Russian women that had really pathetic final. A man usually falls in love from the first sight and she seems to respond in the proper way. They later meet, start dating, move together and get married – everything is done in an absolutely natural way.


Jealousy – the best love killer

But quite soon the man notices that his woman appears to be hot and attractive not only for him. Probably the main reason is her nice and stylish look. Women in the West are not used to be that attractive every day. They prefer practical and comfortable clothes like jeans and sneakers to dresses and high-heels. But not

Russian ladies, no way!

They always look perfect and that’s it. So it is not surprising that they attract so much attention from other men. So, if you are not ready for constant competition or if you are just a jealous person – think twice before getting into Russian dating. There will be no way back out of it!


We have already told about Russian family. For certain men it can be a big problem to establish some contact with their wives’ parents. What language to speak? How to behave? How to dress? These and many other questions usually stay unanswered.

Generally if you take your bride to your country you will hardly have to meet her family and relatives too often. Anyway, we think that Russian dating suits only those men who are open for new cultures, new knowledge and new experience.

Language and culture

There is a funny story about Russian language thought out by one French student. In his opinion once upon a time several best scientists in the field of linguistics met for a party. They were a bit bored and decided to create the most difficult language in the world which will be impossible to learn perfectly. That is how Russian appeared.


Of course, it is just a joke and Russian is not the most complicated language on our planet (however it is one of them) but Western people usually fail to understand Russian culture – so called “Russian soul”. That is why sometimes even stable and sincere relationships between a Western man and a Russian woman are finished.

But all of above will never concern you if you respect your Russian bride and accept her background, language, culture, family etc. It will demand some effort for you but it’s definitely worth it.

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