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What does a man need to know when dating a Russian woman in her forties?

bestdateThe differences between the generations in Russia might be stronger than in some of the Western European countries. We have already told in the women in the age of 30-s . And the main reason is that most of the Russian people who are over forty years old have lived in two different countries. First, they experienced the communist regime and in their late teens or twenties it changed to a completely new form of government. It affected Russian culture a lot. Russia became more open to the West, and the people started to incorporate more and more elements of the Western lifestyle in their lives, however many of the 40-something year old Russian women still feel the rivalry of two totally different cultures in them.

What do 40+ women seek in men?


First of all, they seek a partner in conversation. Russian ladies appreciate honesty and openness a lot. They like to get to know a lot of details about your personal life and share their own. For a Russian woman, the easiest way to feel that you have something in common, is through discovering that you have faced similar problems in life. Russians love to discuss bad things. It is a way of relieving stress and dealing with pressure. So do not be ashamed to describe situations where you have felt helpless or desperate. A Russian wife will always be supportive. Sometimes it might seem that she enjoys being sorry for you, but that is ok. They are not judgmental and they can separate your moments of weakness from your normal personality. If you demonstrate yourself as a strong man in many other cases, then the woman will still admire you. But you have to really do so.


Enjoying culture and art a lot


If you are dating a Russian woman who is in her thirties or forties you should keep in mind that you need to organize more cultural activities for the dates. For Russian ladies it is really important to know that her partner is an intelligent person, who understands literature, art and music. Of course you do not have to be an expert in all these three areas, however you should show that you have a deeper knowledge at least in one of those topics. Otherwise the woman might be disappointed. Does not matter how much money you make or how broad is your knowledge about cars. Russian people still tend to measure the overall intelligence of a person with the knowledge of the things that are taught in school. Such as history and science. Or the “soft topics” such as culture and literature. If you have not done so yet, it is good if you get acquainted with the Russian literature and review the history. Showing that you have done some preparation and that you are interested is the easiest way to impress Russian girls.


Russian women remain highly energetic



The great thing about 40-something Russian brides, is the fact that they are still full of energy and they are ready to enjoy life. If a woman has agreed to meet a stranger from another country through an online dating website, it shows that she is very proactive. Russian women who are older than 35 are not much different from the younger Russian girls when it comes to temperament. They are still very passionate. So you do not have to follow the cliché and look for a younger girl. If you want a woman who will understand you and is more likely to share your views on life, than you are better off dating a Russian woman who is closer to you by the age.

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