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What do Russian princesses like

russianwomenRussia is a country where authority and power have always been the most respected and appreciated. That is why Russians find the Western principles too soft and even weird. So it is not a big deal to guess that Russian women also like having a strong and confident man near them. But at the same time they often complain on Russian men being too rude and on home violence which is still a typical phenomenon in Russia. So what an ideal man is like? As a country scattereed between Europe and Asia Russia has features of both of them. Despite the general mentality of Russians is quite close to European it still has a lot from Asia - for example, Russian people adore luxurity, expensive gifts and generous gestures. Thus if you want to impress a Russian girl it would be wise of you to buy a nice present for her - it is not a formality like with the Western women. Please take this task serious and try to find something prestigious and attractively looking.



Generous but cheap

On the other hand Russian dating can be successful only if a man is cheap enough. Women like their husbands and boyfriends to control their financial flows carefully. They do not need guys who spend too much or who just cannot plan their expenses.

Summing it all up we can say that an ideal man for a Russian woman should be cheap and spend money reasonbly and at the same time to be generous enough to make her happy with cool gifts from time to time.

Strong but gentle

Strength in Russian meaning is something more than physical power - it is firstly a trait of character that lets you stay optimistic no matter what happens. With no doubt Russian brides highly evaluate such inner strength - being with you they want to feel like in a fortress.

An ideal man should be also gentle and soft hearted when it comes to his woman and children. Be ready to defend your family from some outer danger but never be too strict to your wife and kids, that is the main thing one should remember.

Being gentle also means being romantic. The main complaint of Russia ladies concerning Russian men is lack of romantic acts from the latters. So don’t hesitate to ask her out for an evening in a restaurant or a picnic. You do not have to be too creative - you know, some good old standard things still work and bring the desired effect.


It is a very different think to keep the balance between being brutal and a pushover. You should master this skill as soon as possible since it is needed not only in communication with women but in everyday life as well.

Summing this article up you should remember that if you want to have a charming girlfriend (and Russian women are awesome) you should be worthy, really. Don’t be lazy and don’t take her for granted and everything will be alright!

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