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What are Russian women’s assets?

A Russian model once said, “I know I have boobs, so I might as well use them.” That’s why she always wears provocative clothes – she admits that she loves male attention, which is understandable because women are validated by attention anyway. If that Russian model’s asset is her big boobs, then how about other Russian women looking for foreign men?


In general, Russian women’s breasts are bigger than western women’s boobs. The percentage of super models amongst Russian girls is the highest in the world, so of course ladies from Russiahave bigger boobs. Therefore, V-neck is a popular style in Russia – women from Russia know how to show off their asset, thereby making their asset work for them. The real definition of an asset is something that brings you money or other benefits. That’s why if you buy a house and you live in it, your house isn’t really your asset – it’s probably a liability (something that takes money out of your pocket regularly), especially if you have to pay your mortgage monthly. Clearly, Russian beauties with bigger boobs are able to date rich and marry well; as a result, they benefit from this asset easily. There is a joke in Russia: A rich man is looking for a wife and there are two candidates. One woman is intelligent. The other woman is elegant. Which woman does this rich guy choose? The answer is – he chooses the woman with bigger breasts! Well, what a practical joke!

boobs russian women


Russian women’s legs are long and beautiful. Legs are alluring because they are so close to a woman’s pussy that you want to penetrate….in and out…. Dresses and skirts are created for women for a reason (if you think any fashion is designed for no reason, then you are wrong.) Just like Japanese’ women’s traditional clothing is for men to have sex with them anytime, anywhere (look at Japanese women’s traditional clothes on the Internet and you’ll see a quilt on a woman’s back), dresses and skirts are designed for women to attract men’s attention because those are able to help girls reveal their legs easily. Because many Russian beauties are tall, they have long and slim legs. When they walk down the street, men can’t take their eyes away from these sexy legs. A lot of Russian stunners “monetise” this asset by wearing stockings with special patterns, e.g. black lace, love hearts, etc.

legs long


Russian women’s intelligence is their most valuable asset. The majority of single Russian ladies that you meet on a Russian women dating website can speak English fluently because they are very well-educated – the Russian culture highly values education& English is a subject at school in Russia. If you think your Russian girlfriend’s English is already very good, then you may want to further test her English by listening to her conversation with a young child. If a 5-year-old kid can understand her English, that means her English is indeed very good. If the kid can’t understand her accent, that means her English is probably not as good as you think – you only think her English is excellent because you are already in love with her – whatever she does is pretty. So, if your nephew or niece is a small child, introduce your Russian lady to this child and see what happens. • Single Russian women who aren’t looking for foreign husbands are wasting their assets. The famous YouTube channel iDateAdvice has a video which got millions of views. It’s about why Russian women want to leave Russia. This is indeed a very interesting topic that arouses people’s curiosity. Actually, almost every single Russian girl who has intelligence, beauty and youth has considered marrying a foreign man because that benefits her financially and politically (who wants to live in Russia where chaos is the mainstream?) Consequently, a lot of high-value Russian stunners have left Russia and married western men in order to have a better life in a new country where people are treated as people who deserve respect.



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