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Top 5 Pitfalls in dating Russian beauties

Before you fall in love with a Russian beauty, we’d like to remind you that dating is for everyone, but marriage is for mature people only. If you are seeing a Russian girl, please keep reading.


Pitfall #1: Overinvesting in the hot Russian woman because you really, really like her.

This is very dangerous because when you invest too much in the conversation on a date, you are lowering your value in your Russian date’s eyes. Please give her enough space in the conversation, so that she can invest as well. Many men are nervous on a date, so they overcompensate by talking too much. You have to take a step back and create some silent moments, so that the Russian stunner can invest in the conversation. It is not your responsibility to fill every silence, so she has to talk more. You need to enjoy the ebb and flow of conversations with your Russian girlfriend, allowing for a change in direction and dynamics.

conversations with your Russian girlfriend


Pitfall #2: Talking about your ex.

Some men don’t know what to avoid on a date and they talk about their ex-girlfriends/ex-wives. That’s the last topic you should talk about on a date with a woman from Russia. If you say your ex is a good girl, the Russian lady may feel she is worse than her. If you say your ex is a bad girl, the Russian woman may feel you are a mean person. That’s why talking about your ex is a very bad idea. If she talks about her ex, that’s actually a good idea because you can find out a lot of information about her when she is talking about her ex, e.g. her value system, her beliefs, her attitude toward love and life, etc. These are some very important and useful elements that you should find out sooner or later. After she has finished talking about her ex, she may ask you about your ex. Now you can simply say, “My ex is a bit boring, so I can’t remember much about that relationship. Shall we get another drink?” Changing the subject is always a good tool which covers anything awkward.

dating Russian ladies online


Pitfall #3: Overanalyzing the Russian date.

As the famous saying goes, “Stress comes from overthinking and overmanaging life.” Yes, overanalyzing your date is unhelpful because you are using your head rather than your heart to feel the energy of this beautiful lady from Russia. Of course, you should have some standards (you need to have a list of key fundamental standards that your future Russian wife can’t violate). Apart from those, anything else is noise, especially things like “Oh, she doesn’t like fish -5!”

love with a Russian beauty


Pitfall #4: Pretending to be someone else.

Some men try too hard, so they decide to put on a façade. But do you want your Russian girl to fall in love with someone else or the real you? When you are dating Russian ladies, make sure you show them who you really are because life is always harder when you change your behavior later.

your future Russian wife


Pitfall #5: Treating the date like an interview.

If you move into interviewer mode on the date, you are making a mistake. Women from Russia have very strong intuition, so they will know what you are thinking about if you treat the date like an interview. When that happens, ladies from Russia will know that you are not romantic and you are basically assessing the benefits you can get from her if you marry this stunner from Russia. Once your Russian date has figured it out, she will leave you soon.


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