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The common features of Russian women who are 20-40 years old

40russianwomensModern psychology talks a lot about the differences between the generations. It really depends on the preferences of a man, whether he seeks a woman who is the same age, younger or in some cases even older than him. Whichever way you prefer, it is good to know what are the distinguishable features of Russian women among the different age groups.


More likely to know English

The younger is the woman, the higher are the chances that the Russian girls that you will be dating, will speak good English. There has been a huge growth in the share of population who speaks a foreign language in Russia. Schools are taking English classes more seriously nowadays and many parents send their kids to private tutors from early own. They want their kids to have a chance to interact with the rest of the world more than they did. So probably you will have no problem with talking to your Russian bride. However, even among young people who have just graduated high school, you can find those that do not speak any languages at all.

More similar culture-wise

Russian ladies who are in their twenties or thirties have been growing up in the globalizing world. They can not remember the times of the Soviet Union any more, because most of them were very young when it went down. Their tastes and preferences are quite similar to the ones of people in Western Europe or the United States. They have been influenced by the same pop culture. It is quite easy to find common ground with them.

High expectations

If you happen to be older than 40 years and you are thinking about marriage with Russian woman who would be much younger than you, it is also important to know things that go long with that. And one of the most important aspects is the fact that if you are an older guy, Russian woman expects more of you. This mean not only career and your financial situation. She wants you to be ready for a serious relationship and she wants to feel secure. You have to show her that you are emotionally mature and you can support her if she has a hard time making some desicions. Keep in mind, that in most of the cases, the younger the woman is the less confident she is. She will ask more for your opinion and she will exect you to be able to take desicions for her.

Very energetic


Although some Russian women are full of power and enthusiasm even in their fifties, it is a common feature for most of the girls who are between 20 and 40 years old. Russian girls are very hard-working and persistant. They are able to mainain high energy level and be very expressive throughout the day. They can do many things at once, they find time to be good mothers, caring friends and passionate lovers. Of course, it also means that they expect you to have enthusiasm and willingness to do things together. There are many examples of very happy and successful relationships between middle-aged men and young Russian ladies, but you have to be aware that if you are just too tired to do anything and the lady is bored with you, or you a not satisfying her as a lover, she wil probably find a way to compensate it by having an affair with a younger man.

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