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Russian women’s favourite sex positions

Most people would rather talk about their sex lives instead of their finances. So, let’s forget about financial topics today and talk about sex now!

Russian ladies and makeup sex

Russian ladies and makeup sex: When I say “makeup sex”, I’m not talking about having sex with your Russian wife after having an argument with her. I mean makeup sex, literally. When your Russian bride is doing her makeup at the dresser, you can approach her and stand behind her. She will see you in the mirror. As she is putting on her foundation, you kiss the back of her neck and touch her big breasts gently. Allow her to finalise her foundation first. Give her some time to appreciate and savour the good feelings that you give her as she is doing her eyebrows. Keep massaging her breasts when she is applying eye shadow. When she begins to apply the eyeliner, you begin to undress her slowly and gently. As she is applying her mascara, she should be totally naked (oh, no wonder her eye makeup can be ruined so easily – you are about to enter her…. Very exciting!) Now she takes out her lipstick and is about to apply lip colour, your cock is also about to enter her pussy. Because she is so turned on by you, she keeps pressing her lipstick onto her lips so hard. As your cock is penetrating her pussy…in and out… the warm, soft wax of her lipstick is also powerfully touching her lips. You know her pussy is swollen because she is aroused, and now you also know her lips are fuller and redder because of her lipstick. When you ejaculate, she sprays some perfume on her flawless skin. And that’s how your Russian beauty’s beauty routine and makeup sex with you at the same time…. Hmmmm…. we rarely think of how to beautify the face and the pussy simultaneously, but now we know how!

Russian girls and sex in the bathtub

Russian women and sex in the shower: When your Russian girlfriend is having a shower, do join her! Ask her to wash your cock for you. As she is rubbing your cock, you become harder and harder and harder…. Now you can’t wait, but you have to wait for her to be aroused as well. So, you wash her hair, her face and her body with warm water and shower gel which has sandalwood essential oil in it. As we all know, sandalwood increases people’s libido, so she has been turned on by now. Because her juice is mixed with the scent of sandalwood, it’s hard to tell how wet she is now, but you can see her facial expression: Your Russian girl fully enjoys this process. Now you can enter her with passion. When you achieve an orgasm, keep the water running in the shower, so that both you and your lady from Russia are in the flow state.

Russian women and sex in the shower

Russian girls and sex in the bathtub: A more erotic version of the above-mentioned bathroom sex is making love in the bathtub. Yes, you saw that in Sweet November and thought Keanu Reeves was so sexy, right? Indeed, that’s a very sensual experience when you make love with your girl from Russia in the bath. In fact, it’s not hard to do. Both you and your Russian beauty enter the bathtub. Allow the water to touch your skin. Make sure you have rose petals and ylang-ylang essential oil in the water. Now give her a full-body massage and when she starts to moan, you can enter her under the water. As you are penetrating her, each movement is accompanied by the movement of the water. And then your movement becomes faster and faster. She hears the movement of the water become louder and louder. During the orgasm, both you and your Russian stunner can feel like falling into the infinite galaxy….


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