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Only Child Syndrome

childwomenDemographic situation in Russia is one of the biggest problems that Russian government should solve in the nearest future. Otherwise the future of the nation is put under a big question. However, there is nothing to worry about for the foreigners who consider Russian women as the best significant others in the world. Russians like talking about Western women as about bad mothers – how can they hire babysitters for little babies? Don’t they love their own children? Well, we cannot agree with it. Without a doubt American and European women love their kids as much as the Russians do but we should take into consideration the difference between Western and Russian societies. A Western woman is an ambitious person whose priority is self-realization and having even one kid can appear to be quite problematic. Good it or not but more and more Russian ladies are becoming the same – start business, devote their whole life to career and find themselves lonely and unhappy in their early forties.


When a mother is more than just a mother

However, many Russian girls are still loyal to “old-school” approach to family and that “One Child Syndrome” exists only due to very poor social facilities in Russia. For example, statistics show that during last ten years women in Russia have been giving birth to more children – and it was reached just by proper support (including financial support) from the government.

Finally, look at the Russian families who live abroad – a lot of them have three or more kids! And a Russian mother always has time for both earning money and raising children.

The most faithful wife

Russia is a country with a long, dark and tragic history with many bloody wars, losses and collisions. Women of Russia have always had to wait for their men who were in the army or even at war. They are known to be faithful and loving. Nothing can break a Russian woman – she is probably the strongest woman in the world.


Those terrible times of 1990-s showed us moral decay of Russian young girls but luckily now it’s for 100% over. Today Russian dating is not based on any prospects and benefits which can be obtained from marriage with a citizen of a developed country. Russia is not a bad place to live now and sometimes Russians are really reluctant to move abroad.

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