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Learn to understand the body language of Russian women

Body language plays a very important role in communication between the people of different nationalities. It is also one of the things that might often be misinterpreted. As the representatives of different cultures we are afraid to make mistakes and understand our partners in a wrong way. If you are looking for a Russian bride then it is useful to know a little bit about her body language.


What can you notice during the first meeting

Unlike in many European countries Russian people usually do not kiss on the cheeks when they meet people. Especially the people that they meet for the first time. If you want to play a gentleman and flatter a Russian girl, you can kiss her hand. But if you are not confident in doing it then rather not do it. If you have been dating online for a while, it is ok to hug. Whether she is a big hugger or not, depends on a person, but mostly Russians are not crazy about hugging new people. It is more common thing to do with friends and family members.

Russians smile when they feel like it

If you originate from a culture where smiling is considered a must when talking to someone, then you might be confused by the fact that Russians do not always follow „keep smiling“ principle. Russian ladies change their facial expressions more often. On purpose or not, they show their emotions on their face. It is okay to be serious in Russia. But even if you do not see the actual smile on her lips, you will notice that she is always smiling with her eyes when looking at you. But when they do smile, then you can witness the most lovely and sincere smile you have ever seen. And this is one of the things that men love so much about the Russian girls. They are just so real!

Russians are not very touchy... unless they are drunk

There are things that you should better avoid in the phase where you are just getting to know each other. Similarly to the Western ladies, Russian ladies like to keep the distance and personal space. Do not sit too close to a woman, this will only make her embarrassed. You should be rather conservative with physical contact such as patting on the shoulder or touching her waist. If you have a temptation to do so, then try to catch yourself if you have done it several times already. Russian girls would not mind it if they already trust you and like you, but if they are not ready to become more intimate, then it will only annoy them.

Signs that show trust and becoming closer


However, when Russian women start to feel more comfortable with you, they will start seeking physical contact themselves. When Russian lady wants to touch you, it means that she likes you and she is open-minded to the idea of becoming more closer. This is when you can also start showing more initiative. To be on the safe side try not be too harsh. Russian girls are known for their passionate nature, but it is still very individual. Most of the girls are raised too have good manners and self respect so they usually do not think that juming into the embrace of a stranger is a proper thing to do.

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