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Learn to prevent problems of adation and homesickness

It is normal for a person to have mixed feelings when moving to another country. On one hand, your Russian bride is hay to be with you and she expects to have bright future. On the other hand she has to sacrifice the tight contact with friends and family as well as the environment that she is used to. You have to make sure that the will get adapted to the new place, because it is going to have a huge impact on your marriage with Russian girl.


She must not feel isolated

The easiest way to get used to a place is to get to know the people there. If you really want your Russian lady to feel good in your home country, you need to help her make new friends. Russian women are usually good at establishing contact with people, even if they do not speak the language that well. You should start with the people that care the most about you and your happiness and later you can also take her to the bigger parties. And of course, it is important to introduce you Russian bride to your family. If you will be postponing it, then the woman might think that you are not sure about her and it will undermine your relationship. And he same will happen if she spends too much time alone. On contrary, if Russian ladies feel that they receive more attenttion than ever before, it helps to prevent the homesickness.

Be there for her

The period of adaption might be hard for you as well. You will still have to run around between the governmental bodies and fix the paperwork. Then you need to help her settle in a introduce her to the new life. After that you also have to find time for sightseeings, cultural activities and of course romance! Be ready taht this period might be exhausting for you. Some men feel a longing for being alone doing this period. So you will be tempted to go somehere on your own or go to the bar and just relax. Having time for yourself is fine. For sure, Russian girl does not mind you having a beer or two with your buddies after work. But if you are gone too often, she will feel lonely and abandoned. And as a woman she will probbly think that you do not want to be with her and the sense of guilt will be torturing her.


Help her start a new life

If you want to make your relationship stronger, you should show your future wife that you trust her and you care about her being successful. Try to help her getting involved in the life in your home country. Find some language courses that would suite her learning type the most. Practice together with her. But do not push it too hard on her. Russian women do not like obligations. Learning the languge has to be her own decision. It has to be fun for both of you. After some time she might want to go to work. Do not be afraid that it is going to interfere your relationship in an bad way. It is going to be much worse if she will be willing to do something and you will be trying to talk her out of it. If there is mutual trust then you marriage will be happy. Just make sure that you will have time for each other and enjoy your romantic moments just like during the dating period.

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