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How to test a Russian woman properly

Marrying a Russian bride is the most important task in your entire life. Therefore, you’d better know who she really is before getting married!

dating a Russian beauty


The fact that she is willing to help you financially now doesn’t mean she is happy to support you in the future. Some men tend to test women in this way: They ask their girlfriends for money when they are still dating. Because their girlfriends have offered financial support, they decide to marry their girlfriends immediately because that’s a sign of a keeper. But a few years later, divorce still happened as the fact that a woman is happy to support you financially now has nothing to do with whether she will support you financially in the future when you are in a big trouble. Consequently, testing your Russian girl in this way is a bad move. The psychology behind this scenario is: When a woman gives her boyfriend money, her motive could be – she has low self-esteem; she doesn’t think she is good enough for him; she must get married soon because she is needy; she can’t find anyone better. After they get married, life can change because she may have higher self-esteem as her circumstances change. Also, she may become sick and tired of supporting a loser husband in the long term, so she wants a divorce. As a result, you should never test your Russian girlfriend by asking for her money while dating her.

Marrying a Russian bride


When you go out for dinner, does she offer to pay? It’s perfectly normal for a guy to pay for the dinner when he is dating a Russian beauty because women from Russia are more traditional – their boyfriends are supposed to pay. However, if your Russian stunner never even offers to pay, that’s a red flag because that means she takes everything you do for granted and doesn’t even show any appreciation. Observing her behaviour in this scenario is a good way to test the quality of your Russian lady.

test your Russian girlfriend


Conduct a search online. You are looking for a Russian wife, not a casual hook-up. Thus, you must know her extremely well before marrying her. An effective way to do some research on your Russian girl is to search her full name on the Internet. Maybe you will find out something that you really have to know instantly, e.g. her LinkedIn profile, her Facebook timeline, her Instagram photos, etc. Those webpages will tell you a lot about this woman from Russia – Does her education/employment history match what she has told you? Does she often go to nightclubs and get drunk? Is she surrounded by a ton of male friends who want to fuck her? You can easily find out this information quickly online in today’s day and age. If she is a Russian woman in Australia, you can even search her name on ABN lookup, which means you are able to see whether she has an Australian Business Number of not. Because most people in this day and age can’t rely on one job only, they tend to have their own businesses – they are sole traders. In this way, you can even see whether she has registered for GST or not. If her annual revenue from her ABN is higher than $75,000, then she must have GST registration. Otherwise, she doesn’t need to register for GST. This is a wonderful way to know her financial situation as well. Better still, you can also find out her business address or her home address if you look further on ABN lookup because this website will not only tell you when she started her own business, but also tell you where her business is exactly.


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