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How to put yourself out there again and date a Russian woman?

Perhaps you are divorced or you just left a long-term relationship. Now you are looking at this website in order to join the dating scene again. However you feel, I would encourage you to start dating Russian women now. Here is the rationale:

You already know western women aren’t your type and your relationships with western women never worked out, so why not try dating Russian girls? Many people in western countries are already aware of the fact that western women are not as feminine as Russian ladies. In fact, western women are more likely to play games with men they date. Also, many western women believe in feminism and challenge traditional values that are actually valuable. By contrast, women from Russia are more traditional, gentle, warm and honest. If your relationships with western women worked out well, then you don’t need to date girls from Russia. But if you haven’t found happiness with western women yet, why don’t you try dating ladies from Russia? Probably you’ll be very happy if you marry a Russian bride.

marry a Russian bride


You still feel the pain from a bad breakup, but you put yourself out there again and look for love anyway. Yes, a divorce hurts, a breakup is painful. Whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. So what you should do is to feel the pain, but do it anyway. You will go on dates with Russian beauties from now on. These gorgeous women will open a new chapter of your love life. Many men stop looking for love after a bad breakup, but that’s only their fear of being hurt again. Instead, they should learn from their previous mistakes and experiences, and become stronger men who can dominate the dating department in the future.

meet free women


Your previous marriages/relationships aren’t totally bad. You have to reframe things. When you come across an obstacle or challenge in life, reframe it! Maybe your divorce gives you a lot of pain, but can you look for evidence that proves your ex-wife made your life better? If you look for the evidence, you will find it! Perhaps your ex-wife taught you how to maintain your standards. Or she gave you access to a new social circle characterized by powerful friends. These are all positive aspects that you shouldn’t ignore. As a matter of fact, you should be grateful for your previous relationship and cherish some of its outcome. When you have this empowered positive mindset, you can go out and date Russian beauties easily.

try dating Russian girls


Instead of making an effort, you make an intelligent effort. Yes, relationships are hard work. But it doesn’t mean you should only work hard. In fact, you can work twice harder than others, but you can’t work ten times harder. Therefore, you have to work smart! From now on, you would be well-advised to learn more dating advice and read more dating books, so that you don’t have to learn everything the hard way. For instance, you may hire a dating coach or buy some books about dating and relationships. A few good books are How to Create Chemistry with Anyone (by Leil Lowndes), The Rules of the Game (by Neil Strauss) and Models: Attract Women through Honesty (by Mark Manson). Once you’ve understood the fundamental principles of dating, you will become the alpha male who only date the hottest ladies from Russia. At that time, we’d like to hear from you as you’ll probably be our next success story!

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