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How to overcome the anxiety on your first date with a Russian woman?

Now you are going on a first date with a Russian girl. She is sexy, fun and smart. You are anxious because you don’t know how to impress her and you certainly don’t want to fuck this up. Now you’ll need to learn how to overcome your fear on the first date!


Don’t overdo the preparation. If you use too much perfume or too much hairspray, she will notice it and she’ll know you are trying too hard. So preparing too much would only backfire. You want to look confident and calm, thereby making the first date effortless. Also, when you prepare too much for the first date, it also tells the Russian woman that you live in scarcity because you don’t see other girls often. Therefore, you should relax!

date with a Russian beauty


Read a book before going on the first date with a Russian beauty. Reading would calm you down and give you more ideas to talk about on the first date. A good conversationalist is always charming on a date. Here are some helpful books that you may want to read before the date: How to Win Friends and Influence People (by Dale Carnegie), How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You (by Leil Lowndes) and How to Talk to Women (by Tyler Powers). Apart from relaxing yourself, you can also instantly use these techniques from books on your first date as well.


Don’t wear a new outfit on the first date. Some guys would go shopping before the first date. They buy some new clothes and shoes. The problem is if you wear a new shirt and a pair of new shoes on the first date, chances are you are still uncomfortable in the new outfit (maybe the shoes don’t quite fit or the shirt is somehow too tight). So it’s not a good idea to wear something brand new on a first date. My recommendation is you should wear something that makes you look good and feel comfortable at the same time. If you don’t have anything like that in your closet, you’d better go shopping at least one week before your first date so you can get used to the new outfit before the date.

first date with a Russian girl


Flirt with everyone as an exercise. You should be in the flirtatious mode on the first date. Before you even go to see your Russian stunner, you may want to practise your flirting skills first. As a result, you can flirt with a co-worker, your neighbour, the waitress, and so on. After some deliberate practice, you will be a very charming man in front of your woman from Russia.


When you meet your Russian lady, touch her early. If you are uptight and can’t build sensual tension on the date, it will only be harder and harder to escalate later. So you should give her a hug when you meet her. Introducing touch early is a great way to build a rapport and sexual tension quickly, thereby fast-tracking the process immediately.

girl from Russia online


Instead of thinking “Does she like me?” ask yourself, “Do I like her?” Don’t put the girl from Russia on a pedestal, because she hasn’t proved herself to you yet. Hence, you should see if you like this girl or not in the first place. Your happiness is the most important thing in the universe. Give her the opportunity to prove herself, impress you and chase you! With this mindset, you can’t be anxious on the first date anymore.


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