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How to make your Russian wife think about you all the time

Making sure your Russian bride is loyal to you all the time is the most important element in your marriage. In order to make her faithful to you, willpower isn’t enough. Actually, willpower almost never works because willpower can only last so long. A case in point is when you decide to study for an exam on a Saturday, but you choose to cook a big breakfast first. After finishing eating your breakfast and doing the dishes, you are already exhausted and don’t want to do anything now. That’s because willpower doesn’t last long. Similarly, if your Russian woman only uses willpower to keep her interest in you, it is not sustainable. Now we will see what actually makes her think about you only.

how to make you russian wife


• Create rituals and routines that only you and your Russian beauty share together. These activities can be something magnificent such as travelling overseas with her once a year. It can also be something small like kissing her goodbye when you leave the house in the morning and giving her a warm hug when you arrive home at night. Perhaps you hold her in your arms when you go to sleep each night. All of these can become rituals and routines that only you two do together. And then when you go to another city for a business trip for a few days, she will miss you madly, truly and deeply, because she is already used to those routines and rituals with you.

marry russian women


• Give her a present that she has to use every day. Some men buy homeware for their girlfriends or wives. But that is not the best strategy if you’d like to maximize the power of the present you give your Russian stunner. The ideal approach is to give her a gift that she would use on a daily basis. For instance, you can give her a new phone which she will use every day. Therefore, whenever she checks her phone during the day, she would think of you immediately. Alternatively, you can buy her jewelry, but you have to make sure that the necklace/ring/bracelet/earrings that you give her is something that she actually likes so that she would wear it daily.

men take dog women gift


• Wear a memorable perfume and spray it on her pillow when you are away for a business trip. You can wear a good cologne every day. And when you are away for a few days, remember to spray some of your perfume on her pillow before you leave. In this way, your Russian girl will miss you every night because the scent stimulates her memories about you. If she is going away for a few days, you can also spray your perfume in her luggage, so that when she organizes her stuff in the hotel room, she will think of you all the time.


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