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How to identify a high-value woman from Russia?

There are so many Russian women looking for foreign husbands online and you can also meet a lot of girls from Russia in real life. But how can you identify a high-value lady from Russia?


Delayed gratification VS instant gratification: In the 70s, there was a famous experiment – a group of children in a kindergarten were sitting in different rooms (two kids in one room) and an adult gave each child a marshmallow. The adult said to these kids, “If you don’t eat the marshmallow now, you will get another marshmallow in 15 minutes; if you eat it now, you won’t get a second marshmallow later.” Then the adult left but the camera was on. From the footage, researchers saw that some kids ate the marshmallow immediately, whereas other kids waited for 15 minutes and got another marshmallow. A few decades later, those who ate the marshmallow immediately weren’t successful in the society. But those who waited for 15 minutes became successful individuals. The conclusion is: Someone who wants instant gratification is more likely to become a loser, whilst someone who wants delayed gratification is more likely to become a winner. Based on this theory, you can test a Russian beauty that you are dating – Tell her you are only able to see her on weekends and you can’t see her from Monday to Friday. If her reaction is negative, you know she wants instant gratification. However, if she sounds quite patient and positive, you know she wants delayed gratification, so she is probably a high-value beauty from Russia.

girlfriend from Russia


What motivates her? A Russian woman’s motivation is the most important thing you should find out quickly. Does she have a career plan or is she waiting for a man to save her? Is she a life-long learner or does she believe that she won’t need to open a book after graduation? Is she dating you because of who you are or is she dating you because of your money and status? In fact, most girls from Russia are quite candid, so if you really listen to them rather than get distracted by their attractiveness, you can find out who they really are fast.


What interests her? Yes, the majority of Russian girls are very fashion-conscious, so they always look their best all day, every day. That’s great because when you go out with a Russian girlfriend, she makes you look good – your Russian lady is more feminine than western women. But at the same time, you need to be aware of the fact that when a woman is so into fashion and makeup, it’s very dangerous if that’s her only hobby, because that can indicate materialism and consumerism. By contrast, if your Russian stunner is also interested in reading, that means she is possibly a high-value woman.

high-value lady from Russia


Is she generous? There are many high-value Russian beauties, but if the girl you are dating isn’t generous (she never shares her value with you), then she is not really a high-value woman you are looking for. Generosity isn’t just about the willingness to share her financial resources. It’s actually more about sharing her energy, knowledge and kindness.

high-value Russian beauties


Will she be with you if you are experiencing a big difficulty in life? An advanced EFT practitioner in Australia once shared her story in an interview – Her husband became a millionaire in 2010, so they travelled overseas for five times, flying business class only. Yet one morning, her husband found that his investment was in trouble, so he has lost everything, including all his investment and income streams. They literally became homeless overnight. Because her husband didn’t have a university degree, he couldn’t find a job. Therefore, he went labouring. Meanwhile, she decided to do house-sitting. At that time, some of their friends didn’t want anything to do with them anymore. In her opinion, the most difficult part wasn’t the money part; the most difficult part was friends who left them. A few years later, her husband became a successful investor again, so they have built their amazing life again. This woman didn’t leave her husband when he was in big trouble. Ideally, before getting married, you should test your girlfriend from Russia and see if she is just like this EFT practitioner or she is actually like one of the EFT practitioner’s friends. That’s why you shouldn’t get married too quickly and should wait for a few years when life has experienced some ups and downs together.


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