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How to have have a successful sexual relationship with a Russian woman

The success of the sexual part often determines the success of the whole relationship. You might have seen some material that proves that Russian girls are very passionate lovers. Do you think you can handle it? Learn how to be a great match for your partner.


Pick someone with similar needs

Although it may be tempting to start dating a hot Russian lady who is crazy in bed, it does not make a lot of sense long-term, if you are not this type of a person yourself. And on the opposite, if you are very active sexually, then the woman you are dating should also have a high libido. Luckily, among the Russian women all the different sexual types are represented. It is always more healthy to pick someone who has similar temper. This way it is easier to avoid the situations when either of the partners is dissatisfied. To build a relationship with someone who likes things that you like is always preferable, but not necessary. The most important thing is that partners are willing to learn how to satisfy each other and create a pleasurable relationship.


Find out what is the biggest turn-off for a woman from Ukraine in her relationship with western man learn more.

Be spontaneous

Russian ladies love men who know how to surprise them. They also like surprises when it comes to the sexual relationship. They are not too fond of making sex a routine. You have to be able to recognize the moment when to approach the woman. And be ready that Russian girls can try to seduce you very spontaneously. It is okay to talk about sex, but do not ask a woman if she wants to have sex. This is the case when actions speak much louder than the words. It is just better to attempt to get intimate, and see what happens next, rather than ask it directly. Of course, if you see that the woman is not reacting, do not try to push her and do not make her feel bad about giving you rejection. You should not get discouraged if a woman says no once. Be brave and try to take the initiative next time, when she will feel like it, you will definitely be rewarded.


Being romantic is sexy

Women tend to have a high sexual energy during the dating period, but men often notice, that when they spend more time with a lady, then her appetite for sex tends to decrease. This is a totally normal phenomenon. In the dating phase the hormones are playing an important role in the woman’s behavior and when the effect of the hormones decreases, then the body goes back to its normal state. Russian women are not an exception to that. What really works, if you are trying to build a long-term relationship, and you want to keep it spicy, is that you should act romantic as you did when you were dating. Russian ladies appreciate it a lot. If you surprise her with a romantic evening or a present without any special occasion, then you can expect to stay up late that night. Of course you have to be able to sense how a woman feels herself before you make such moves. And it pays off to do such things anyway. Sometimes short term, but always long term.



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