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How to get Russian girls in a social setting

Today we are going to share our top tips regarding how to get Russian women in a social context, so you are here for a treat!


Make sure you are very familiar with the environment. When you go to a new restaurant or bar that you’ve never been to before, it’s very normal to feel a bit intimidated by the environment. Therefore, let’s say you know you will attend a party which includes hot Russian beauties next Saturday night – you should go to that venue this Friday night so that you’ll be familiar with the environment before next Saturday. You would be well-advised to get to know some of the bar staff this Friday night. In this way, when you enter the same bar next Saturday night, those people in the bar are already your friends. Your smooth interactions with people in the bar will make you look more attractive in front of Russian stunners, because when a woman from Russia notices that the staff members in the bar are your friends, she automatically associate you with a gregarious, high-value guy.

how to get Russian women in a social context


If another guy has approached a sexy girl from Russia, you should observe their interaction. This sounds a bit weird and creepy, but I have a point – let me explain. Most men have very bad game. Most men don’t know what they are doing. In English-speaking countries, most men aren’t successful with women, which is sad. However, you can use that fact to your advantage: When you see a guy approaching an attractive stunner from Russia, chances are their interaction doesn’t go very well. As you notice that their interaction goes badly, you can tap the guy on his shoulder and say, “What’s up?” Then after a while, you look at the Russian woman and say, “How are you?” In this case, the guy will thank you for solving his awkward problem so that he doesn’t have to keep feeling embarrassed in front of the hot lady from Russia. Meanwhile, although the Russian lady doesn’t know whether she likes you or not (yet), she already knows she doesn’t like him! That’s why this guy has already done 50% of the hard work for you at this stage. Now compared to that idiot, you are apparently a better option for this Russian woman, so she will start to consider you instead. Remember: single women from Russia are always looking for men as well. Don’t forget that women are just as horny as men (if not more horny than men).

hot lady from Russia


As you three are talking, you’d better engage the other guy first, and then gradually you should isolate theRussian beauty. If you ignore this guy, he will hate you, so later on, he might sabotage your interaction with this hot Russian woman. Therefore, you must engage this dude first and don’t ditch him too fast. For instance, you can say this to him, “Wow. I like your watch. Where did you get it from?” Your admiration will make him think you are on his side, but actually you are only trying to be friendly without much effort. Once this idiot isn’t worried about you anymore, you can engage the Russian girl further. In the end, you will need to isolate the woman from Russia by saying something like, “Shall we go out to enjoy some cigarettes?” Or “Would you like to get a pizza together? It’s just next to this bar.” If she likes you, the pizza excuse will definitely work because she has already decided that she doesn’t like the other man – why not try seeing you a bit? All right. Please try these techniques soon and you can thank us later.


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