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How to ensure that the woman is getting married to you and not your country

For a man with serious intentions looking for Russian brides, there is always a risk that some important piece of information gets lost among the communication barriers. Of course, everyone wants to be sure before an important move such as marriage that the feelings of the partner are true an directed towards him.



Cover the what-if situations


If you have doubts that the Russian lady you are dating is more interested in moving to another than she is interested in you, then before killing yourself with thoughts about it, you should seek proof if it really is so. Try to ask some situational questions in between your regular chats. Such as: what if she does not get a visa this year and you will have to wait till next year? What if you will have to move to a different country because of your job? Ask, whether she would ever consider staying in Russia if your job would allow so. Her answers will not give you full information on whether she likes your country more than you, but at least it will show you how she thinks. There is another benefit of this approach: it scares away people who want to manipulate you and marry you to get a visa.


Do you know why she would marry you and not your country?


What matters is also your motives of looking for the Russian wife. You have probably heard the theory that we attract the things that we are looking for and what we think about. So if you signed up for online dating with Russian women just because you thought there is no chances for you to find a girl in your country and you think that a Russian lady will date you just because you are a foreigner, then this is probably what you will get. Eventually you will attract someone who will be in love with your country or your job and not you. However, if you act confident and you are sincerely interested in the women that you date, then you are likely to find some with whom you can really be happy. You should know yourself why you are the man that she should choose. The Russian girls will be more eager to open up to you and you will get a better chance to learn about their true personality.



Listen and be ready to confront


Sometimes the problem might lie even deeper. The Russian lady might think that she is falling in love with you, but she is secretly in love with the country or the lifestyle that you are living. If you have any doubts about it, then you should pay more attention to this aspect. Try to listen what is she talking about during your chats and in her letters. Is she asking questions about you and trying to learn you better as a person or is she asking more about the place that you live, your job, and the life in the country in general? If she is showing more interest in the country and its traditions rather than your personal history, it might mean that she wants to get married to the place that you live in. If you notice this throughout your dating and it bothers you then you should definitely let the woman know about it. Of course she might be embarrassed and feel offended for a while, but what is important is what will happen next. She might realize that she actually was too much obsessed with living in another country and she will try to figure out for herself whether she is really in love with you. Or she will not admit her mistake and if she continues to act as she did before, then it is up to you whether you want to continue this relationship or not. Either way this question is painful to discuss and it can lead to the end of the relationship, but on the other hand it is crucial if you are planning to marry a Russian woman.

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