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How to choose an engagement ring for your Russian bride

So, you are going to propose to your Russian girlfriend and before that blissful moment, you must buy an engagement ring first. This article will show you how to choose the right engagement ring for our Russian beauty.


• Clarify your budget. The most important factor that determines which engagement ring you are going to buy is your budget. If you are happy to purchase a high-end ring for your Russian bride, you should consider brands such as Cartier and Tiffany & Co. Alternatively, you can even hire a designer to create a special ring for your Russian fiancé. In fact, in the British royal family, only Princess Diana’s engagement ring was ordered from a commercial catalogue (now that ring belongs to Kate Middleton); other British royal family members’ engagement rings are designed specifically for them. In contrast, if your budget is low, you can consider some local jewelry shops that sell genuine rings with precious stones. As long as the ring is real, your Russian beauty would appreciate it.

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• Not every Russian lady wants a diamond ring. Marilyn Monroe famously said, “Diamond is girls’ best friend”, but that’s not always true. The marketer who associated diamond with marriage was a genius because that’s just the best marketing campaign which worked very well. Actually, many people’s engagement rings are not diamond and there are many other stones that are way more expensive than diamond. For instance, a high-quality ruby or sapphire is usually more expensive than a diamond. The most famous jewelry in the world is Titanic’s blue necklace whose pendant is not a diamond. The ring that changed the entire plot of Lust, Caution is a pink diamond ring (not a traditional diamond). Movies use other special jewelry and rings to highlight a movie because an ordinary diamond piece is not very memorable. You can ask your Russian stunner what her favorite color is and that should give you some inspiration. If she says her favorite color is green, probably you should give her an emerald ring or a jade ring.

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• White gold VS yellow gold: This is a sensitive topic because yellow gold tends to worth more money, whereas white gold seems to be more popular in today’s day and age. You can observe the Russian woman you are dating and see her preference. Does she wear any silver jewelry? If yes, that often means she prefers white gold. Otherwise, she is probably into yellow gold.

Russian beauty ring


• Don’t forget the authenticity card. If you buy an engagement ring, it should come with an authenticity card which tells you that the jewelry is real and genuine. If the ring is broken, you can always go to the jewelry shop and show them this authenticity card and they will help you with it (they will either fix it for you or give you other options, i.e. an exchange, a refund, etc.)


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