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How to become the only man she can think of

There is one thing that every man can do to impress a woman - it is being confident. This works also for Russian women. Here are some other things that you can do to make sure that she would not be able to stop thinking of you don’t forget to learn something more about body language as well.


How to greet her on the first date

Psychologists say that it takes only seven seconds to create a first impression. You have to make sure that you ace this seven seconds. First of all, you have to look classy. Try to put on something smart casual. She expects you to be a man of her dreams and when she first sees you, your outfit will be the first thing she notices. In Russia there is a saying that when people enter our house, we judge them by their clothing and we judge them by their intellect when they are leaving. It means that before she can see how smart you are, you have to impress her with your sense of style. If you think you are terribly bad at picking clothes, then ask some female friends for advice. There are more things that you can do to make Russian ladies instantly like you. Supposedly you have been dating online for a while, so you have probably learned a little bit about the woman. Greet her with a welcome gift that would somehow show her the way you see her. Or something that gives her more information about you. Russian girls love surprises.

Be excited about the woman

The key thing you need to remember is that she is probably much more nervous about the date than you are. She is not sure if you will like her and she will be seeking proof to it all the way through your meeting. So try to be easy to read. Make sure that when she first sees you looking at her, she can tell that you like her. Make her feel that she is a beauty queen. It will make a woman more relaxed and at ease with you. Of course, you have to be sincere, especially if you want to make compliments.

Be polite

Nowadays, Russian girls hear a lot of stories about Western guys who do not want to show the gestures of politeness because they are afraid that women would interpret it as an intention to show man’s superiority. That is why sometimes a Russian lady does not even expect that the man from Western Europe or the United States will help to take her coat off or hold the door for her. However, she wants a man to do such things, because in Russia it is considered a very good tone. So here is a chance for you to exceed expectations. Do not be afraid to show out your good manners. Being courteous is a proven way to make Russian women fall in love with you.


Remember, they judge by the intellect, when you leave

After you have shown her what a gentleman you are and that you are excited to see her, it is also import to leave an impression of a smart guy. You can earn some bonus points by doing your homework and earning some facts about her hometown or at least about Russia in general. Russian women appreciate the knowledge of geography and history. So try not to mix up Australia and Austria or forget that Africa is not a country or ask her how was life in the Soviet Union if she is under 30 years old. Otherwise, feel free to talk about anything as long as it is interesting to both of you. Avoid making judgements or express radical opinions. Long story short, just act like an intelligent person.

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