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Getting Russian ladies: How to deal with objections and conditions

Russian women oftentimes go out with their friends. It’s very rare to see a high-value, real 10, extremely hot Russian girl who goes out alone. That’s why if you decide to pick up Russian ladies when you go out, you must know how to deal with their friends.


Objections VS conditions: An objection is emotional – she doesn’t want you. That f**king hurts. Sadly, many men don’t know how to deal with objections – they tend to use logic to convince women. However, you can never use logic to change an emotional decision. Therefore, the best way to deal with objections is to use emotions. For instance, when she tells you that she doesn’t want you, you should figure out a way to change her mood instead of her mind. Interestingly, when you are not trying to change her mind, she is more likely to do the hard work for you because when her mood has changed, she is more willing to change her mind. For example, when she rejects you, you can tease her and make the conversation fun and interesting. Then the woman from Russia will realise that you are actually a high-value guy who can handle rejections well, thereby believing that you have other options. If you can date other women in your life, what does that tell her? That tells her you are not needy – you live in abundance in terms of your love life. Hence, she may consider dating you now. In contrast, conditions are logical (not emotional). A typical condition is the girl from Russia can’t go home with you simply because her friends are with her – she doesn’t want to look like a slut in front of her friends. Now you should use logic to deal with the condition.



How to use logic to deal with conditions: Let’s say the lady from Russia is hanging out with her friends in a nightclub and you’d like to approach her and sleep with her. You have a few options:

1) You can make her friends like you so that her friends are on your side and will support you in your game.

2) You can take the Russian beauty to a hotel room near the nightclub so that she can return back to her friends in 30 minutes.

3) You can exchange phone numbers with this Russian stunner so that you can sleep with her tomorrow night. Actually, no matter which method you choose, the first option in this list is always a necessity – you probably have to make sure her friends like you in the first place so that the process can become easier. Thus, when you are talking to the beauty from Russia, make sure you are also talking to her friends and make them happy.



How to get the hottest Russian woman: Imagine going to a nightclub and meet three women – one of them is the hottest woman from Russia that you’ve ever seen in your life. Now this Russian girl goes to the toilet, and you should approach her friends first, even though her friends are not as hot as her. Make sure you show your interest in her friends by being funny and friendly. When the hot girl from Russia comes back, you can even slightly ignore her and keep talking to her friends. Then she will begin to wonder, “I’m the hottest in this group, but why does this guy like my ugly friends instead of me? What’s going on?” You can just show your indifference to this sexy lady from Russia and even say something a bit rude to her in a funny way, so she will probably say, “Excuse me?” When she says that, you know she wants you to talk to her because she is actually saying “Please talk to me”. In other words, she has done all the hard work for you. And it’s much easier for you to get her now.



Some women actually hate each other, even though they are “friends”. Never have faith in women’s friendship – nine times out of ten, it’s just as f**ked up as hell because of envy (You can read Robert Greene’s new book The Laws of Human Nature if you are interested in this topic). No wonder Sex and the City is such a popular TV show – it tells women that it’s possible to have real female friends (it’s a fantasy). Please be aware that when a Russian woman’s friends are trying to destroy your possibility of getting laid, they are just jealous of her – they are wondering, “Why the hell is she so attractive? That’s not fair. Men only want her. Men are not attracted to us. We hate her.” Consequently, they will become obstacles in your game and you must learn how to deal with that by engaging her friends and make them on your side to help you.


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