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Find out what are the fears of Russian women and how to deal with them

It is common for Russian girls to have fears. Whether it is about starting a relationship with a foreigner or moving to another counry. But there is always a cure and you can help her fight these fears if you know what to pay attention to and avoid what is described in this article.


Fear to be disappointed

In the childhood Russian girls learned that there is a land of opportuinities somehere far away. And they are hoping that by moving to your home country they are getting acess to this wonderful land. However, the age of capitalism in Russia has decreased the development gaps between the Western countrice and their home. Sooner or later the Russian woman who moves to a foreign country starts noticing that in some way Russia is not that bad at all. And of course, they are worrying about it ahead of time. There is always the what-if. She fears that she will not like your country. Psychologist say that happiness is in the difference between the reality and expectations. If she has too high expectations, chances are higher that the reality will disappoint her. However, if you do some prepration work by giving her realistic picture about life in your homeplace and keeping her expectations modest, then she is more likely to be happy upon arrival.

Being different

What scares Russian ladies more than the difference in lifestyle, is the difference between the personalities and the culture. Russians are very convinced themselves that they have mysterious soul and unique way of thinking. So there is a chance that your Russian bride fears that she will not be able to adapt and cope with people from different nationality. What if she will not have any new friends. Or she is afraid that she will really miss talking to someone who is Russian too. However, her biggest fear is that your relationship will not work out because of the mismatch of personalities or some ultural perceptions. This is something that nobody is protected against, of course. But you can still try to encourage her and make sure that she has people to socialize with.

What if the relationship does not work


Russian women are worried about the outcome of the relationship with you. There is a very high percentage of divorces in Russia. So obviously, even though they hope that everything will work out, they are afraid about their future in case your marriage will not last. Online dating is a great way to get to know new people, but there is still room for doubt, whether you have learned everything about the person. Russian girls understand, that dating phase can be much different from reality when you are actually living together with the person. And that brings in the fear of what they will do if you break up.

What if they will be too proud to come back but will have no other place to go. Russian ladies definitely tend to overthink sometimes. To avoid that and help your Russian bride overcome this fear, you have to be sure that you really love this woman and you are willing to support her while you are both turning a new page in your lives. If you have a hundred percent conviction that you want to be together with this woman, then he will sense it and she will feel herself more secure with you. And if you feel that she needs to talk about it up front, then be brave enough to bring this topic up. It will add more transparence to your relationship and eliminate a lot of stress.

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