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Find out what a Russian woman feels when moving to a new country and how can you help her in the pro

You do not have to be a psychologist to understand that moving permanently to another country can be nerve-wracking for anyone. For your Russian bride this might be one of the most radical moves that she has made in her life. What is more, it is a challenge for you as much as it is for her. Be ready to face many issues and prepare to solve them.


Personality change

During the moving period you might notice that the lovely girl you were dating online is gone and you now have to deal with a woman who has lost all of her confidence. She often loses her temper or worries about all the small insignificant details. Or totally vice versa – she becomes more shy and secretive and talking less than usual. At this point some guys become hesitant themselves and this makes the situation even worse. Of course, you might start asking yourself, whether it is really the woman that you want to be with. But try to understand, Russian girls are very thorough when it comes to important things. Your bride is probably too stressed and afraid of screwing anything up. She will definitely change once everything will be settled.

She is already missing home

Remember, that Russian ladies have been convinced since childhood that they live in the best place in the world. And though they logically understand all the disadvantages of it, their connection to home is still very strong. In addition to that, they might be afraid to be apart from their family and old friends. The future is uncertain and people tend to feel the need to hold on to what they already have. However, this is also very individual. Some Russian women might have a more adventurous mindset and not worry about anything at all. If a woman is sure that she will be happier with you, then nothing is going to hold her back A great chance to prove that you are the man that will be there for her no matter what So your goal to make her feel loved and safe. As it was already mentioned above, you have to try to make sure that her stress does not affect you. In the process of moving you will notice how your patience and confidence can transfer to your Russian bride. It is a very useful thing to learn for your future life as well. Be supportive, talk to her when she needs to talk, and if she becomes more quiet than better leave her alone. Be there for her and help her as much as possible. Especially if she asks you to do something. Russian women love men who keep their promises.


Be ready to answer hundreds of questions

In the process of moving as well as upon arrival to the new place your fiancée will have a lot of questions. Be ready to answer tons of inquiries starting from where are things located in your house, operating hours of different places, how to get around the city, all the way to the history of your country. And the hardest question – what are we going to do today? At first you should be the one taking the initiative. Russian girls definitely need some time to get used to a new place. But soon you will notice that they are very good at adapting to the new environment. You will see that she will learn how to fit into your life and you would not be able to imagine your life without her.

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