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Does your Russian wife have the right to know your social media passwords?

Now you are going to marry a Russian bride and she knows that everyone uses social media every day. It’s always easier to use social media when you are a single guy, yet when you have a wife, this can be a problem because she might want to log on your social media (some women think it’s acceptable to do this). Does she really have the right to access your social media passwords?


If there is a problem in your marriage, just deal with the problem rather than log on your spouse’s social media accounts. Next time when your Russian beauty asks for your social media passwords, you simply ask her, “Is there an issue in our marriage?” If she says yes, you will deal with this issue together. If she says no, then why does she need to know your social media passwords? There is no reason for her to do so.

marriage with your Russian stunner,


Experts have never seen a couple who tackled their issues by checking each other’s social media accounts. If your Russian woman wants to access your social media password, simply tell her nobody has solved a problem by reading their spouse’s social media messages. Looking at real challenges in your relationship rather than each other’s social media messages because that’s more relevant to what really matters in your marriage.

marry a Russian bride


If you want to know your Russian wife’s social media passwords…. Sometimes you might want to know your Russian girl’s social media passwords. But if you really do that, we can guarantee that it will bring more trouble in the long run as when you ask for your wife’s social media passwords, your wife would unconsciously begin to plan on getting a secret social media account which you won’t even know. Before you ask for her social media passwords, your Russian lady didn’t even think about using social media to have an affair. So why do you remind her of something she didn’t even think about? That’s just a losing game that you shouldn’t play!

Russian girls social


The validation on social media is pointless. If you enjoy female attention on social media, you really need to grow up. That’s for teenagers who are trying to get laid. It’s not for adults who are responsible for their own lives. As Gary Vaynerchuk says, “Marketers ruin everything”, nowadays marketers use social media to promote their shit and make money. In other words, social media platforms are selling your attention and data. You should rethink why you are on social media. Actually, JD Wetherspoon, the most well-known pub company in the UK, announced that it was deactivating all of its social media pages on 16th April, 2018. Chairman of the company publicly cited the “current negative publicity surrounding social media platforms” as the major reason for this decision. Therefore, if social media platforms lead to conflicts in your marriage with your Russian stunner, you should consider deleting your social media accounts, especially if you don’t use them for business and marketing purposes.


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