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Do Russian women prefer money or love?

Money or love – that’s a question for almost everyone, especially women. Russian women are well-known for their family values and good management of money. Do they prefer money or love?


Without money, love is vulnerable. I haven’t seen a happy marriage without money. Yes, without money, a marriage can’t be happy and successful because financial security is a more basic human need compared to love, according to Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs. If you decide to marry a Russian bride, you must figure out your finances first because most women from Russia are very practical – they know the fundamental elements of a happy marriage: health and wellbeing, money & emotional connection. Without health and wellbeing or money, the emotional connection is hard to maintain.

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What things do Russian girls care about? Most girls from Russia care about health and fitness, dating and relationships as well as money. Therefore, you may want to cater for their interests if you’d like to date a Russian beauty. The first thing you need to do is to get fit by going to the gym and build a six-pack. Next, you probably need to improve your dating skills. Last but not least, you have to work on your finances. Ideally, you should achieve financial freedom, i.e. no matter you work or not, you get paid because you have created passive income. Then you will attract beauties from Russia effortlessly.

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Russian ladies are more upper-class than you think. Living in a western country, maybe you are bombarded with negative news about Russia. But if you visit Russia, you will see that Russia is actually a very modern and posh country. Women in Russia dress much better than women in western countries, partly because they aren’t as poor as what you’ve imagined, and partly because they are much more fashion-conscious than western women. Therefore, don’t assume that Russian stunners want money because they are money-hungry. In fact, they are just more realistic and down-to-earth. Better still, many Russian women know how to manage money very well because that’s a part of their traditional education that is very different from western education in which money is a taboo topic.

women from Russia


That being said, you still need to avoid gold-diggers. Being good at managing money is different from being a gold-digger. There are gold-diggers in every country, so you still need to be careful when you are looking for a Russian wife. A wife is not a sugar baby or a damaged “sister” who needs your affection and support in order to function. When you are dating a Russian girlfriend, you need to ask yourself, “Does she even offer to pay at the end of the dinner? Does she take my affection and attention for granted? Does she think of excuses to get me to pay for her stuff? Does she have a professional job? Is she well-educated? Can she function without me?”


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