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Do Russian women prefer handsome men or rich men?

When you are wondering whether Russian girls prefer handsome men or rich men, I’d like to reveal the ugly truth that most people don’t want to admit: In fact, most men are neither handsome nor rich. Yes, most men are just average in almost every way – they look average; they have average jobs; they went to average schools/universities; they date average women. That’s just reality. Therefore, if you are a handsome man or a rich man, you already have a huge advantage! If you aren’t a handsome guy or a rich guy, don’t worry – you will still get a lot out of this article.

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Handsome men get Russian women’s attention first. Indeed, handsome men have it easier in life. They are less likely to be punished when they’ve done something wrong. They are more likely to be promoted at work. Their interpersonal relationships are usually better. Their love lives are generally more colourful. Hence, handsome men often get Russian beauties’ attention fast. If you aren’t a particularly handsome man, you can still work on your appearance. For example, you can go to the gym and work on your muscles; you can go shopping and buy some flattering outfits; you can check out Charisma on Command (a YouTube channel) and learn how to become a charismatic guy. All of these will get you results quicker in terms of getting a Russian girlfriend. That’s right – the surface-level confidence is just as important as the core-level confidence; the surface-level confidence is where your impact comes from.

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Rich men keep Russian wives more easily. Being married to a rich man is many women’s dream, including women from Russia. Most girls from Russia aren’t dumb, so they know what makes a marriage work – a caring husband, a solid emotional connection and financial security. Statistics show that money is the No. 1 reason for divorce in every country except Russia’s neighbour China (because China has the world’s highest rate of infidelity). Statistics also show that rich couples are much less likely to get divorced because they have mutual benefits while staying married. Apparently, if you are a rich man, you’ll be able to keep your Russian wife more easily for the rest of your life because it’s a rich men’s world. If you aren’t a rich man yet, you should read books such as Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich and Kate Northrup’s Money a Love Story. You will realise that once you’ve figured out your money, it is going to be ten times easier to get a Russian bride and keep her forever.

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Are there any examples of guys who are both handsome and rich? Yes, there are! Some good examples are successful movie stars who have both good looks and money. If you don’t think you’ll become a successful movie star, then you can consider becoming an attractive and successful man in your social circle, thereby creating a movie star effect in your life. That’s a great way to attract beauties from Russia to you. For instance, when you enter a nightclub, you can secretly use the back of your hand to “accidentally” touch everyone as you are walking into the club. In this way, everybody will look at you. That’s how you create a movie star effect and attract ladies from Russia in the nightclub. Do you like these ideas? Bookmark this blog now so that you won’t miss out on any new articles in the future.


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