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Online Dating tips

How to identify a high-value woman from Russia?
find sexy russian women online

There are so many Russian women looking for foreign husbands online and you can also meet a lot of girls from Russia in real life. But how can you identify a high-value lady from Russia? Delayed gratification VS instant gratification:

How to test a Russian woman properly
first dating for sex

The fact that she is willing to help you financially now doesn’t mean she is happy to support you in the future. Some men tend to test women in this way: They ask their girlfriends for money when they are still dating. Because their girlfriends have offered financial support

How to know whether a Russian girl can satisfy your fetish
real russian bride waiting

It’s perfectly okay to have a sexual fetish. Maybe yours is a Russian woman’s high heels, or a beauty’s stockings. There are fetish websites such as where you can make all your naughty dreams come true. But life will be even better if you marry a Russian bride who can satisfy your fetish, right?

Russian women’s favourite sex positions
russian dating wife

Most people would rather talk about their sex lives instead of their finances. So, let’s forget about financial topics today and talk about sex now!

Russian women’s good sense of fashion
find russian dating wife

I often feel amazed by how stylishly dressed Russian women are. Fortunately, several Russian girls have shared their fashion secrets with me.

What are Russian women’s assets?
sexy wife from russia

A Russian model once said, “I know I have boobs, so I might as well use them.” That’s why she always wears provocative clothes – she admits that she loves male attention, which is understandable because women are validated by attention anyway. If that Russian model’s asset is her big boobs, then how about other Russian women looking for foreign men?

How to get Russian girls in a social setting
sexy wife from russia

Today we are going to share our top tips regarding how to get Russian women in a social context, so you are here for a treat! • Make sure you are very familiar with the environment. When you go to a new restaurant or bar that you’ve never been to before, it’s very normal to feel a bit intimidated by the environment.

Getting Russian ladies: How to deal with objections and conditions
beautiful women in date

Russian women oftentimes go out with their friends. It’s very rare to see a high-value, real 10, extremely hot Russian girl who goes out alone. That’s why if you decide to pick up Russian ladies when you go out, you must know how to deal with their friends.

Why bad boys turn Russian women on
sexy wife from russia

We have received many questions regarding why dangerous men turn Russian girls on. Therefore, we have decided to clarify this today. If you are a nice guy, you need to ask yourself, “Why am I so nice?” There is a difference between “kind” and “nice”. We always respect kind people because kindness is a great virtue.


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