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Russian women - Date tips for foreigners

3 reasons why Russian-foreign marriages fail

Huge differences in personality. Many of you have heard that Russian ladies have a very high energy level and they are quite emotional. At first it sounds more like an advantage rather than a challenge. However, as the time goes by, some men start discovering that their partners really like to let emotions go. You need to understand that this is a part of the culture that that Russian women have been raised with

Learn to understand the body language of Russian women

Body language plays a very important role in communication between the people of different nationalities. It is also one of the things that might often be misinterpreted. As the representatives of different cultures we are afraid to make mistakes and understand our partners in a wrong way. If you are looking for a Russian bride then it is useful to know a little bit about her body language.

Find out what are the fears of Russian women and how to deal with them

It is common for Russian girls to have fears. Whether it is about starting a relationship with a foreigner or moving to another counry. But there is always a cure and you can help her fight these fears if you know what to pay attention to and avoid what is described in this article.

How to ensure that the woman is getting married to you and not your country

For a man with serious intentions looking for Russian brides, there is always a risk that some important piece of information gets lost among the communication barriers. Of course, everyone wants to be sure before an important move such as marriage that the feelings of the partner are true an directed towards him.

How to become the only man she can think of

There is one thing that every man can do to impress a woman - it is being confident. This works also for Russian women. Here are some other things that you can do to make sure that she would not be able to stop thinking of you don’t forget to learn something more about body language as well.

Learn to prevent problems of adation and homesickness

It is normal for a person to have mixed feelings when moving to another country. On one hand, your Russian bride is hay to be with you and she expects to have bright future. On the other hand she has to sacrifice the tight contact with friends and family as well as the environment that she is used to.

Who are those beautiful teenage girls and why are they willing to marry older men

Have you ever wondered why are there so many young girls on the websites of the marriage agencies and on the online dating portals. There are three main types of young girls whose pictures you can see when looking at the beautiful Russian ladies online. And we would also recommend you to get some more interesting information here.

What you should tell a woman if you live on a tight budget

Whether your dating partner has shown it out or not, she is definitely curious about how you are doing money wise. When the relationship takes a serious turn, all kinds of complicated talks become relevant. If you are not delighted with your money situation, it makes you appear unconfident in the eyes of the Russian lady. You have to learn how to overcome it.

Find out what a Russian woman feels when moving to a new country and how can you help her in the pro

You do not have to be a psychologist to understand that moving permanently to another country can be nerve-wracking for anyone. For your Russian bride this might be one of the most radical moves that she has made in her life. What is more, it is a challenge for you as much as it is for her. Be ready to face many issues and prepare to solve them.

How to have have a successful sexual relationship with a Russian woman

The success of the sexual part often determines the success of the whole relationship. You might have seen some material that proves that Russian girls are very passionate lovers. Do you think you can handle it? Learn how to be a great match for your partner.


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