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Dating tips from experts for singles

How to overcome the anxiety on your first date with a Russian woman?
Free Russian Girls

Now you are going on a first date with a Russian girl. She is sexy, fun and smart. You are anxious because you don’t know how to impress her and you certainly don’t want to fuck this up. Now you’ll need to learn how to overcome your fear on the first date!

How to put yourself out there again and date a Russian woman?
Free Russian Girls dating

Perhaps you are divorced or you just left a long-term relationship. Now you are looking at this website in order to join the dating scene again. However you feel, I would encourage you to start dating Russian women now. Here is the rationale:

Does your Russian wife have the right to know your social media passwords?
Free best Russian Girls

Now you are going to marry a Russian bride and she knows that everyone uses social media every day. It’s always easier to use social media when you are a single guy, yet when you have a wife, this can be a problem because she might want to log on your social media (some women think it’s acceptable to do this)

How to choose an engagement ring for your Russian bride
Free best Russian Girls

So, you are going to propose to your Russian girlfriend and before that blissful moment, you must buy an engagement ring first. This article will show you how to choose the right engagement ring for our Russian beauty.

How to make your Russian wife think about you all the time
Free best Russian Girls

Making sure your Russian bride is loyal to you all the time is the most important element in your marriage. In order to make her faithful to you, willpower isn’t enough. Actually, willpower almost never works because willpower can only last so long.

Why conditional love is good in a relationship with a Russian woman
Free best Russian Girls

This article will talk about conditional love which is not the prettiest topic in the world. We all want to believe in unconditional love. But the truth is: Even some parents’ love for children is conditional – when children don’t go to the direction in life that parents want, their relationships suffer.

How to date a successful woman from Russia
Find new girls

Many westerners are brainwashed by the mainstream media in western countries and assume that Russia is a poor country. Actually, if you go to Russia, you’ll see it’s very modern, stylish and tasteful. Women in Russia are extremely hot. Unlike western women who are usually overweight, girls in Russia know how to look after themselves very well, so they are very slim.

Top 5 Pitfalls in dating Russian beauties
Find new girls online

This is very dangerous because when you invest too much in the conversation on a date, you are lowering your value in your Russian date’s eyes. Please give her enough space in the conversation, so that she can invest as well. Many men are nervous on a date, so they overcompensate by talking too much.

Dating Russian ladies: The truth about the friend zone
about the friend zone

The friend zone is one of the most important topics in dating and relationships, because people don’t about this enough, yet once you know the real insights into the friend zone, you will feel very empowered.

Do Russian women prefer money or love?
find a bride online free

Money or love – that’s a question for almost everyone, especially women. Russian women are well-known for their family values and good management of money. Do they prefer money or love?

Do Russian women prefer handsome men or rich men?
free dating russian 100

When you are wondering whether Russian girls prefer handsome men or rich men, I’d like to reveal the ugly truth that most people don’t want to admit: In fact, most men are neither handsome nor rich. Yes, most men are just average in almost every way – they look average; they have average jobs; they went to average schools/universities; they date average women.

Why do Russian girls want to leave Russia?
online russian wife free

Decriminalisation of domestic violence in Russia forces many Russian ladies to leave Russia. At the beginning of 2017, the Russian government decriminalised first-time domestic violence. This new law applies to first offences that don’t cause serious injuries, decreasing from a maximum penalty of 2 years’ imprisonment to a maximum of 15 days in detention.


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