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Dating Russian ladies: The truth about the friend zone

The friend zone is one of the most important topics in dating and relationships, because people don’t about this enough, yet once you know the real insights into the friend zone, you will feel very empowered.


You should friend-zone the hot Russian girl first. This statement sounds a bit strange, but let me explain. When you meet an attractive girl from Russia in a nightclub and the conversation goes pretty well, you can say this to her, “I have many friends, and I think you should be one of my friends. Tonight, you’ll help me get a hot girlfriend here.” When the sexy Russian lady hears this, she begins to think, “Oh, so I’m friend-zoned by this guy already. He has many friends, which means he is probably a high-value man. Now he is looking for a hot girlfriend here, so does that mean I’m not attractive enough?” That’s exactly the right seed you need to plant in her head because from this moment on, this stunner from Russia wants to prove herself and chase you because her instinct is to get out of the friend zone and compete with other women in the venue.

about the friend zone


If you are already in the friend zone…. If you are friend-zoned by a Russian beauty, don’t worry. You can get out of the friend zone easily. For example, when you and this Russian woman hang out as friends, you can say, “Take your jacket off. You look too sexy in this jacket.” When you say that to her, she begins to see you as a sexual man with a sex drive. Yes, you have to make her associate you with sex if you want to get out of the friend zone. Also, when you hang out with her, you can wear a deep-V-neck T-shirt. Now this lady from Russia will see your sexy chest with chest hair. She gradually begins to imagine lying in bed with you because girls from Russia have very wild imagination. If she starts to look at you with bedroom eyes, you should say this to her, “We can’t have sex tonight.” Then she will begin to wonder why and will probably ask you, “Why can’t we have sex tonight?” This is exactly what you want – she is curious about you sexually and wants to chase you now. If you have been reading this blog for quite a while, probably you are able to flirt with Russian ladies like a pro, so now it’s your perfect opportunity to practice what you’ve learned and get yourself out of the friend zone!

meet an attractive girl from Russia


Chemistry alone isn’t a good indicator of which Russian stunner will be a good match with you. If she friend-zone you, that usually means she didn’t feel the chemistry. If you are unhappy with that, it usually means you can feel the chemistry. However, chemistry alone isn’t a good indicator of Miss Right. Maybe it’s a good indicator of Miss Right Now, i.e. a casual fling or a one-night stand. Therefore, you should always remember your key fundamental standards and chemistry should only be one of them. Always stick to your key fundamental standards while choosing a Russian wife.


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