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Being more than just a husband

wonderfulwifeAs you probably already known about Russian family life from this article we should finally tell you what kind of husband is good for a Russian woman. Foreign men adore girls from Russia saying that they can be both awesome lovers, loving mothers and the most understanding friends in the world. But what do Russian women actually want from men? These two qualities seem to be the most important for Russian brides who are interested in finding foreign husbands. It does not mean that a man should look like a rock and be ready to fight with everyone and everywhere.




Strong and confident


By saying that you are supposed to be strong we mean that inner kind of strength that all people immediately feel and admire. It can be also called “positive attitude” and “life energy”. Being strong in the inside means that you are not afraid of obstacles and troubles and no matter what happens you still believe in better outcome. Such approach to life is very “contagious” and it will certainly be your advantage not only in picking up women but in any communication.


Good friend


Finally we have reached this point. It is often very difficult to understand for men and especially for the Western ones. They are used to be like partners for their wives and girlfriends but Russian ladies need a real friend. A friend with whom they can discuss something they would hardly ever discuss with a partner.

We often recommend Western men starting their Russian dating to try to find something common with their wives, something they can to together and something that will make them closer. It can be sports activity, a needle work club – whatever, really, it should just amuse you both.


Careful father


Unfortunately Russian men cannot be called really good fathers. They often behave childish and often neglect their home duties. The reason for that is probably too early marriage which is so popular in Russia nowadays. Is there any sense for two 19-years-old young people to marry? It is just impossible in the West. No, it is not prohibited but no one will ever do it because it is obviously not though out properly.


That is why Russian girls are looking for more mature men who do not mind to stay at home with kids from time to time and to do all that stuff that usually a woman does. Sometimes it may be not too pleasant but come on, it is your child too! Being a good father who sincerely loves those naughty little kids automatically provides you with a lot of extra points which then will let your new special someone trust you more.

These three things described above do not seem to be really difficult, do they? Don’t forget that women from Russia do their best to meet your expectations and to make you feel happy. That is why it would be probably fair to let them feel the same.

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