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Attitudes of Russian women towards money

AttitudeswomensWhen it comes to marriage, money is one of the most important aspects. In many different rankings it is also the number one reason for most of the divorces. Men, who are seeking a Russian bride, should also know how to deal with the money issues in the future. This can help to maintain a strong relationship and a healthy marriage.


Two types of women

Generally, you can divide Russian girls into two opposite categories – the ones who are extremely careful with the money, and the ones who really like to spend it. There are girls that will never allow themselves to buy overpriced brand clothes or shoes, even if they could afford to treat themselves for a special occasion. They would rather invest this money into home improvement or kids education. And there is another type of Russian ladies that is extremely attracted towards expensive things and fancy lifestyle. Some of them think that a person should do whatever it takes to show that they are living a good life. Oftentimes it means that they just acquire status symbols that do not adequately reflect their financial situation. For example, sometimes, a Russian girl who is getting minimum wage, can take a loan to buy an iPhone. These kind of women are more likely to expect expensive gifts from you. You will have to find out as quickly as possible, which one does your girlfriend belong to. If it turns out that the girl you are dating is the spender, then you have to decide for yourself, whether it is ok with you or not. One things is quite certain – you will hardly ever be able to change the habits of Russian women.

Like to be in control

Most of the Russian ladies like to be in control of the family. Of course, they like strong men who are able to make the decisions. At the same time, they really like to be involved and counted with. A Russian wife would usually want to know how much money do you make and where do you spend it. Some of the Russian women are very good at budgeting and taking care of the family finances. You should also be aware of the fact that some of the habits might not be as natural for your Russian bride as they are for people in the West. For instance, saving money for retirement. Having experienced changes of regime, Russian people are not eager to believe that long-term investments make any sense. Most of them have socialistic views that the state has to take care of the senior citizens.

Russian women love generous men


Regardless of wheteher the girl that you are dating is the one who likes to save or the one who likes to waste money, you should always remember that she expects you to be generous. It does not mean that you should be the one acting foolishly spending more than you earn. But you have to be willing to share and treat your women in a decent way. If you are the breadmaker in your family, then you have to take care that your wife is feeling good. Some of the Russian girls have no problem with asking you directly for money, whereas some of them are very modest and they will be ahamed of letting you now, even if they really need something. The money is important but it is NOT the main thing – please read this article to learn more about Russian women’ expectations and hopes.

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