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3 reasons why Russian-foreign marriages fail

foreignwomenHuge differences in personality. Many of you have heard that Russian ladies have a very high energy level and they are quite emotional. At first it sounds more like an advantage rather than a challenge. However, as the time goes by, some men start discovering that their partners really like to let emotions go. You need to understand that this is a part of the culture that that Russian women have been raised with. In many Russian families it is totally fine to get emotional, to speak what is on your mind and often even raise the voice. And then hug and cry together. This is just a part of the Russian soul. For men who cannot get used to these spectacular arguments, it can be a serious problem and it can harm the marriage.


The Environment and homesickness

Russian people often have difficulties in the Western countries just because they are used to a slight sense of chaos. They cannot imagine that in some societies everything goes by the rules and everybody is obeying the laws. There is also a good side about Russians being less committed to the legal frames. People do not sew each other for random things. And this is what many Russian women find really annoying about the life in the West. The fact that neighbors can call child support every time they see one of your kids crying in the yard. Or call the police if one of your friends out of town parks in front of their house, because they think it is somebody who wants to rob them. People just do not pay attention to this kind of things in Russia. Maybe it is because they have other problems. And this is why Russian girls often feel homesick. Unless you can't wait for her to tell you that you both need to move back to Russia, it can also affect your marriage in a bad way.

Difficulties with integration


You might have the most beautiful romantic relationship ever and you might feel that you and your Russian bride are perfect for each other, but you have to know how she feels outside the home. She needs to feel that she fits in, otherwise, sooner or later it is going to undermine your marriage. Russian women sometimes need a push to learn the language and go out to practice talking to people. Some guys are so caring and protective that they do everything for their women. They help to solve all the problems and make living in a foreign country too easy for them. You should not create too big comfort zone around the Russian woman. Otherwise, she will rely too much on you and will not be motivated to become more independent. It might be fine for you now, but later you will get tired of it and she might also feel helpless. That is why many marriages fail. By pushing her to learn the languages, solve the problems and make friends with people you are doing her a huge favor. The more integrated the woman gets, the less likely it is that she will feel abandoned or homesick. She will love you even more for supporting her and your marriage will be a blast.

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